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The Apartment Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about The Apartment? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What movie does Bud watch on TV?

a) Grand Hotel
b) Holiday Inn
c) Swing Time

2) Bud's boss give him tickets to which Broadway musical?

a) Oklahoma
b) Carousel
c) The Music Man

3) Bud uses something unusual to strain the spaghetti, what was it?

a) Nylons
b) Tennis Racket
c) Planter

4) Where does Bud work?

a) TV Station
b) Advertising Company
c) Insurance Company

5) What's wrong with Miss Kubelik's hand mirror?

a) It's broken
b) It's huge
c) It's tiny

6) What card game do Bud and Miss Kubelik play to take her mind off her problems?

a) Gin Rummy
b) Poker
c) Canasta

7) What do the men at the office call Bud?

a) Baxter
b) Buddy Boy
c) Calvin

8) The first "C" is Bud's real name stands for Calvin. What does the second "C" stand for?

a) Clifford
b) Craig
c) Cassidy

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The Apartment

C.C. Baxter ( Jack Lemmon ):

"My name is C.C. Baxter. C for Clavin. C for Clifford. However most people call me Bud."