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An Affair to Remember Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about An Affair to Remember? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What does Nickie Ferrante do for a living?

a) Race Car Driver
b) Nothing
c) Business Man

2) What does Terry McKay do for a living?

a) Nightclub Singer
b) Decorator
c) Shopgirl

3) What does Nickie's Grandmother call him?

a) Nicolas
b) Nick
c) Nicolo

4) What does Nickie give Terry at the end of the movie?

a) A Shawl
b) A Necklace
c) An Engagement Ring

5) What job does Nickie get in order to prove he can provide for Terry?

a) Salesman
b) House Painter
c) Musician

6) Why does Terry miss the rendezvous with Nickie?

a) She changes her mind
b) She dies
c) She gets hit by a car

7) What is the famous landmark where the lover plan to meet back up in six months?

a) Grand Canyon
b) Central Park
c) The Empire State Building

8) Where did Nickie and Terry first meet?

a) New York City Concert
b) Cross-Atlantic Ocean Liner
c) Cross-Country Plane Trip

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An Affair to Remember

Terry McKay ( Deborah Kerr ):

"And my mother told me never to enter a man's room in months ending in "R""