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An Affair to Remember Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1957
Running Time: 1 hrs. 55 min.
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Director: Leo McCarey
Screenwriter: Leo McCarey and Delmer Daves
Producers: Jerry Wald
Studio: 20th Century Fox

An Affair to Remember Synopsis

Charming "man about town" Cary Grant and effervescent "kept woman" Deborah Kerr meet on a transatlantic cruise and although they are both about to marry others, they fall madly in love. Grant asks Kerr to give him some time to figure out how to make a living and she agrees. They will meet six months later at the top of the empire state building. A tragic accident keeps them apart. Director Leo McCarey waited 18 years to remake this classic story. A charming love story.

An Affair to Remember Cast

Cary Grant - Nickie Ferrante
Deborah Kerr - Terry McKay
Richard Denning - Kenneth
Neva Patterson - Lois Clarke
Cathleen Nesbitt - Grandmother

An Affair to Remember Awards and Nominations

1957 Academy Awards®

Best Cinematography (Nom)

Best Costume Design (Nom)

Best Score (Nom)

Best Song (Nom)

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An Affair to Remember

Terry McKay ( Deborah Kerr ):

"What makes life so difficult?"

Nickie Ferrante ( Cary Grant ):


In An Affair to Remember, what job does Cary Grant's character get in order to prove he can provide for Deborah Kerr's character?