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Love Affair Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1939
Running Time: 1 hrs. 27 min.
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Leo McCarey
Screenwriter: Leo McCarey, Mildred Cramm, Delmer Daves and Donald Ogden Stewart
Producers: Leo McCarey
Studio: RKO

Love Affair Synopsis

The original version of this classic love story. Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer are the lovers who fall in love and then are tragically kept apart by a car accident. Directed by Leo McCarey this movie was nominated for six Academy Award in 1939.

Love Affair Theatrical Trailer

Love Affair Cast

Irene Dunne - Terry McKay
Charles Boyer - Michel Marnet
Maria Ouspenskaya - Grandmother Janou
Astrid Allwyn - Lois Clarke
Maurice Moscovich - Maurice Cobert

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Love Affair

Terry McKay ( Irene Dunne ):

"The things we like best are either illegal, immoral or fattening."