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American Beauty Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about American Beauty? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What kind of car does Lester Burnham buy?

a) 1969 Mustang
b) 1970 Firebird
c) 1974 Camaro

2) Where does Lester Burnham get a part-time job?

a) McDonalds
b) Chuck E. Cheese
c) Mr. Smiley's

3) How much did the Burnham's sofa cost?

a) $4,000
b) $10.000
c) $2,000

4) What does Angela want to be when she grows up?

a) Actress
b) Model
c) Singer

5) Where are Jane and Ricky planning to go when they run away?

a) New York
b) Los Angeles
c) San Francisco

6) What does Lester Burnham do for a living?

a) Salesman
b) Teacher
c) Advertising Executive

7) What does Lester throw against the wall?

a) Carrots
b) Asparagus
c) Squash

8) Angela believes that there is nothing worse than being ... what?

a) Mean
b) Ugly
c) Ordinary

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American Beauty

Caroline Burnham ( Annette Bening ):

"Honey, don't be weird."