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Woody Allen Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Woody Allen.

Alvy Singer (Annie Hall):
"A relationship, I think is, is like a shark, you know, it has to constantly move forward or it dies, and I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark."

Issac Davis (Manhattan):
"I think people should mate for life, like pigeons or Catholics."

Jimmy Bond (Casino Royale):
"I have a very low threshold of death."

Cliff Stern (Crimes and Misdemeanors):
"Where I grew up in Brooklyn nobody killed themselves. They were too unhappy."

Harry Block (Deconstructing Harry):
"The most important words in the English language are not 'I love you' but 'it's benign.'"

Boris Dimitrovich Grushenko (Love and Death):
"The key I think, is to not think of death as an end, but think of it more as a very effective way to cut down on your expenses."

Lenny Weinrib (Mighty Aphrodite):
"Who is the boss? You have to ask that? I'm the boss. Mommy is only the decision maker."

Fielding Mellish (Bananas):
"This trial is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham."

Mickey (Hannah and Her Sisters):
"The life we lived we're gonna live over and over again the exact same way for eternity. Great. That means I'll have to sit through the Ice Capades again."

Miles Monroe (Sleeper):
"Perform sex? I don't think I'm up to a performance, but I'll rehearse with you, if you like."

Danny Rose (Broadway Danny Rose):
"You know what my philosophy of life is? That it's important to have some laughs, no question about it, but you got to suffer a little, too, because otherwise you miss the whole point of life."

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