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Tommy Lee Jones Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Tommy Lee Jones? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Who was Tommy Lee Jones Harvard roommate?

a) Al Gore
b) Tom Brokaw
c) Dan Quayle

2) Which soap opera did Tommy Lee Jones appear on for four years in the seventies?

a) All My Children
b) One Life to Live
c) General Hospital

3) In which Batman movie did Tommy Lee Jones play Harvey Two-Face?

a) Batman
b) Batman Forever
c) Batman & Robin

4) Tommy Lee Jones played the husband of singer Loretta Lynn in which musical docudrama?

a) Lonesome Dove
b) Heaven & Earth
c) Coal Miner's Daughter

5) Tommy Lee Jones won an Emmy for which television movie about serial killer, Gary Gilmore?

a) The Executioner's Song
b) Black Moon Rising
c) The Eyes of Laura Mars

6) Which television western mini-series did Tommy Lee Jones star in with Robert Duvall?

a) Jackson County Jail
b) Lonesome Dove
c) Cobb

7) Tommy Lee Jones made his motion picture debut in which movie?

a) Annie Hall
b) Love Story
c) Paper Moon

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