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Susan Sarandon Movies List

2010 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Solitary Man
You Don't Know Jack
2009 The Lovely Bones
Leaves of Grass
2008 Speed Racer
2007 Enchanted
Bernard and Doris
Mr. Woodcock
In the Valley of Elah
2006 Irresistible
2005 Romance & Cigarettes
2004 Alfie
Shall We Dance
2002 Moonlight Mile
The Banger Sisters

Igby Goes Down

2001 Cats & Dogs

Joe Gould's Secret

1999 Anywhere But Here
Cradle Will Rock
Earthly Possessions
1998 Stepmom


1996 James and the Giant Peach
1995 Dead Man Walking
1994 Safe Passage
Little Women
The Client
1992 Lorenzo's Oil

Light Sleeper

Bob Roberts
1991 Thelma and Louise
1990 White Palace
1989 The January Man
A Dry White Season

Sweet Hearts Dance

Bull Durham
1987 The Witches of Eastwick

Compromising Positions

1983 The Hunger

The Buddy System

1982 Tempest
1980 Loving Couples
Atlantic City
1979 Something Short of Paradise
1978 Pretty Baby
King of the Gypsies

Checkered Flag or Crash

1977 The Other Side of Midnight
1976 The Great Smokey Roadblock

One Summer Love



The Great Waldo Pepper

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1974 Lovin' Molly
The Front Page



Fleur Bleue

1970 Joe

Susan Sarandon Movie Favorites

Susan Sarandon age 24 in Joe. A tale of the generation gap of the sixties.

The Front Page - Billy Wilder directs a funny movie remake about reporters and newspapers in the 1920's.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The very definition of camp.

Susan Sarandon dreams of becoming a card dealer and meets up with But Lancaster in Atlantic City.

The Witches of Eastwick - The tag line for this movie was Three Beautiful Witches, One Lucky Devil, the Witches are Susan Sarandon, Cher and Michelle Pfieffer. The Devil is Jack Nicholson.

The sexiest baseball movie ever - Bull Durham.

Thelma and Louise - A movie that became part of the pop culture lexicon. Two women on a road trip that turns them into outlaws.

Susan Sarandon is a lawyer and her client is a little boy on the run from the mob in The Client.

Little Women - A wonderful version of a classic story.

Susan Srandon's Academy Award winning performance as Sister Helen Prejean a nun who in real life ministered to death row inmates - Dead Man Walking.

In the Valley of Elah - Movies about Iraq have not been doing well at the box office but this is a murder mystery as much as it is a story of the after affects of war.

For anyone who has ever watched a Disney fairy tale (and we hope that is everyone) Enchanted is absolutely magical.

One you might have missed: A Dry White Season a powerful story about South Africa and apartheid.

Susan Sarandon Academy Awards®

Best Actress Win for Dead Man Walking --- 1996
Susan Sarandon Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Best Actress Nomination for The Client --- 1995
Best Actress Nomination for Lorenzo's Oil --- 1993
Best Actress Nomination for Thelma & Louise --- 1992
Best Actress Nomination for Atlantic City --- 1982

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Bull Durham

Janet ( The Rocky Horror Picture Show ):

"Brad, don't be ungrateful."

What period movie did Susan Sarandon star in with Robert Redford?