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Steven Spielberg Biography

Birth Name:

Steven Allan Spielberg

Date of Birth:

December 18, 1946

Birth Place:

Cincinnati, Ohio


Saratoga High School, Saratoga, California
Attended California State University, Long Beach
Graduated 35 years later in 2002 in Film Production and Electronic Arts


Amy Irving (1985 - 1989)
Kate Capshaw (1991 - present)


Max (son) - born in 1976
Jessica Capshaw (step-daughter) - born in 1976
Theo (son) - born in 1988
Sasha (daughter) - born in 1990
Sawyer (son) - born in 1992 Mikaela (daughter) - born in 1996
Destry (son) - born in 1996

Big Break:

Made a short film Amblin which impressed Universal Studio executives who gave him a directing contract. First assignment directing Joan Crawford in episode of television show Night Gallery.

Biggest Hit:

Many box office blockbusters but we pick Schindler's List for receiving the most critical acclaim and box office success as his masterpiece.

Career Low:

Hook had many detractors, but we were not among them so we pick 1941.

Tabloid Moments:

His break-up with Amy Irving was one of the worlds most expensive divorces.
Had a stalker who was sent to jail.
After a lifetime of supporting the Boy Scouts, Steven Spielberg resigned as a board member because of their perceived anti gay stance.
Also resigned as advisor to Beijing Olympics for political reasons.

Good Works:

Established the Shoah Foundation
Supporter of the Democratic Party

Side Jobs:

Studio Mogul
Movie Producer

Quintssential Quality:

Billionaire film director who gives us the impression he loves movies so much he would do it all for free.

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Carl Hanratty ( Catch Me If You Can ):

"Sometimes it's easier livin' the lie."

What goal did Steven Spielberg reach that took thirty-five years to accomplish?