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Sandra Bullock Movies List

2009 The Blind Side
All About Steve
The Proposal
2007 Premonition
2006 Infamous
The Lake House
2005 Miss Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous
2004 Crash
2002 Two Weeks Notice
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Murder by Numbers
2000 Miss Congeniality
Gun Shy
28 Days
1999 Forces of Nature
1998 Hope Floats
Practical Magic
The Prince of Egypt
1997 Speed 2: Cruise Control
1996 Two if By Sea
In Love and War
A Time to Kill
1995 While You Were Sleeping
The Net
1994 Speed
1993 Demolition Man

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

When the Party's Over
The Thing Called Love
The Vanishing
Fire on the Amazon

Who Shot Patakango?

Love Potion No. 9

The Preppie Murder

Religion, Inc.



Destination Hollywood Sandra Bullock Favorites

If you asked movie lovers for their top romantic comedy choices, we know While You Were Sleeping would be on many of the lists. We think it should be in your movie collection.

We know this is a love or hate movie but it did win the Academy Award for Best Picture and as fans of Sandra Bullock we recommend Crash.

Even if you've already seen Capote, Infamous is a very different take on the same subject and we think Sandra was very good in the role of author Harper Lee.

If you like action and you like Sandra Bullock and you like Sandra Bullock teamed up with Keanu Reeves Speed is the movie for you.

Just for fun: We are going to suggest a very obscure movie where Sandra Bullock has a cameo playing herself in a satire about acting and fame and how very difficult it all is Lisa Picard is Famous. A very funny movie.

Sandra Bullock Academy Awards®

Best Actress Win --- The Blind Side --- 2009

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Two Weeks Notice

Sarah Lewis ( Forces of Nature ):

"Two wayward travelers stuck in a Geo with a guy named Vic."

Which movie did Sandra Bullock star in with Sylvester Stallone?