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Robert Redford Movies List

2007 Lions for Lambs
2006 Charlotte's Web
2005 An Unfinished Life
2004 The Clearing
2001 Spy Game
The Last Castle
2000 The Legend of Bagger Vance
1998 The Horse Whisperer
1996 Up Close and Personal
1994 Quiz Show
1993 Indecent Proposal
1992 A River Runs Through It
1990 Havana
1988 The Milagro Beanfield War
1986 Legal Eagles
1985 Out of Africa
(Visit our Tribute to Out of Africa)
1984 The Natural
1980 Ordinary People
1979 The Electric Horseman
1977 A Bridge Too Far
1976 All the President's Men
1975 The Great Waldo Pepper
Three Days of the Condor
1974 The Great Gatsby
1973 The Way We Were
(Visit our Tribute to The Way We Were)
1973 The Sting
1972 The Hot Rock
The Candidate
Jeremiah Johnson

Little Fauss and Big Halsy


Downhill Racer

Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
(Visit our Tribute to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
1967 Barefoot in the Park
1966 The Chase
This Property Is Condemned

Inside Daisy Clover

Situation Hopeless But Not Serious

1962 War Hunt

Robert Redford Movie Favorites

Like Neil Simon comedy? Simple but charming ... Barefoot in the Park.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - One of the reasons they study William Goldman scripts in screen writing classes.

The Candidate - Can a movie about politics made in 1972 have any relevance today? Amazingly it does.

The story of a mountain man. Jeremiah Johnson. Beautiful scenery.

Romeo and Juliet, Scarlett and Rhett... we think Hubbell and Katie belong in the list of best movie romances. Prepare to cry while watching The Way We Were.

One of the best. A classic. Best Picture. Get the idea? The Sting

Three Days of the Condor is a classic spy thriller.

Watergate and the Washington Post reporters who broke the scandal. A good movie whether you're old enough to remember or you only heard of it in history books. All the President's Men

Ordinary People - You won't see Robert Redford in this movie but he won an Oscar for best director for it.

Best baseball movie ever! The Natural.

Out of Africa. You can watch this movie for many reasons -for the beauty of Africa, for the romance, for the story of a fascinating woman. You can't go wrong.

Robert Redford Academy Awards®

Lifetime Achievement Oscar --- 2002
Best Picture Nomination for Quiz Show --- 1995
Best Director Nomination for Quiz Show --- 1995
Best Director Win for Ordinary People --- 1981
Best Actor Nomination for The Sting --- 1974

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Roy Hobbes ( The Natural ):

"I guess some mistakes you never stop paying for."

What happened at the Academy Awards just before Robert Redford's movie The Sting won a Best Picture Oscar?