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Robert De Niro Biography

Birth Name:

Robert Mario De Niro Jr.

Date of Birth:

August 17, 1943

Birth Place:

New York City, New York


Attended the School of the Performing Arts in NYC but dropped out
Stella Adler Conservatory
Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio


Diahnne Abbott (1976 - 1988)
Grace Hightower (1997 - present)


Drena (step-daughter)
Raphael (son) - born in 1976
Aaron (son) - born in 1995
Julian (son) - born in 1995
Elliot (son) - born in 1998

Famous Romances:

Toukie Smith, Leigh Taylor-Young, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston

Big Break:

After small roles in a couple of Brian De Palma movies, he had a breakout performance in Bang the Drum Slowly

Starmaking Role:

One Two Punch of The Godfather, Part II and Taxi Driver

Biggest Hit:

Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers movies

Career Low:

Let's be honest. We love the guy but the 2000's have not been good to his career. Godsend, 15 Minutes, Hide and Seek ... need we say more?

Tabloid Moments:

Acrimonious break-up with his longtime agency CAA, led to an infamously vitriolic "anonymous posting" of an alleged CAA agent outlining all of Robert De Niro's career problems

Good Works:

Staunch supporter of the Democratic Party

Side Jobs:

Film Festival Organizer

Quintssential Quality:

Modern Method Actor

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Falling in Love

Nick ( The Score ):

"When was it you started thinking you were better than me?"

Robert De Niro's movie The Fan takes place in the world of professional baseball. What other early movie also is about baseball?