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Orson Welles Biography

Birth Name:

George Orson Welles

Date of Birth:

May 6, 1915

Birth Place:

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Date of Death:

October 10, 1985 in Hollywood, California


Todd School for Boys, Illinois


Virginia Nicholson (1934 - 1940)
Rita Hayworth (1943 - 1948)
Paola Mori (1955 - 1985)


Chris Welles Feder - born in 1937
Rebecca Welles Manning - born in 1944
Beatrice Welles - born in 1955

Famous Romances:

Delores Del Rio

Big Break:

His radio success with The Mercury Theater led to RKO offering Orson Welles an unprecedented two picture final cut deal as a director.

Starmaking Role:

Citizen Kane

Biggest Hit:

Citizen Kane (although a box office failure when first released)

Career Low:

Orson Welles career took a very unusual trajectory. What was considered failure was later hailed as masterpiece. However, some of his acting choices (The Muppet Movie, Hot Money) certainly could be labeled career lows.

Tabloid Moments:

Battles with his weight
Battle between Welles and William Randolf Hearst over Citizen Kane
Battles against the studio system

Side Jobs:

Political Activist
Commercial, voice over actor

Quintssential Quality:

The Troubled Auteur

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Will Varner ( The Long, Hot Summer ):

"You got hellfire and damnation in you, Jody Varner, but you got redemption too. When I think of the hate that put me in there and locked the door and set fire to it, and when I think of the love that wouldn't let me go... I got me a son again. I got me a good right arm - and a left."

Orson Welles had a cameo is which Mel Brooks classic comedy?