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Mel Brooks Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Mel Brooks? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Who was Mel Brooks married to?

a) Julie Andrews
b) Anne Bancroft
c) Faye Dunaway

2) What 1960's sitcom did Mel Brooks co-create?

a) Gilligan's Island
b) Bewitched
c) Get Smart

3) In which movie did Mel Brooks write, star and produce but not direct?

a) High Anxiety
b) History of the World, Part I
c) To Be or Not To Be

4) For which legendary television comediam did Mel Brooks work as a staff writer?

a) Sid Casear
b) Jack Benny
c) Milton Berle

5) What prestigious 1980 motion picture drama did Mel Brooks produce?

a) Chariots of Fire
b) Ordinary People
c) The Elephant Man

6) What was the name of the Mel Brooks movie which spoofed Alfred Hitchcock movies?

a) South by Southwest
b) The Psycho Birds
c) High Anxiety

7) Who did Mel Brooks create his comedy routine the 200 Year Old Man?

a) Rob Reiner
b) Gene Wilder
c) Carl Reiner

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