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Laurence Fishburne Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Laurence Fishburne.

Edward Robinson (Bobby):
"White folks ain't trying to keep you down. White folks just don't like to be pushed into a corner. They'll come around. You just got to make it look like it was their idea, like they're the ones that thought of it. They need to feel like they're the great emancipators. Like it was theirs to give in the first place. Let'em have it. I mean, if that's all it takes, let them have it."

Morpheus (The Matrix Revolutions):
"I don't know what he can do to save us. But I do know that as long as there is a single breath left in his body he will not give up and neither can we."

Morpheus (The Matrix Reloaded):
"...and after a century of war I remember that which matters most: we are still HERE."

Morpheus (The Matrix):
"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

Vinnie (Searching for Bobby Fischer):
"He didn't teach you how to win, he taught you how not to lose. That's nothing to be proud of. You're playing not to lose, Josh. You've got to risk losing. You've got to risk everything. You've got to go to the edge of defeat. That's where you want to be, boy - on the edge of defeat."

Ike Turner, Sr. (What's Love Got To Do With It?):
"Now, you listen to me. I MADE you. You were nothing before you met me, and you'll be nothing without me."

Captain Miller (Event Horizon):
"Have you ever seen fire at zero gravity? It's beautiful. It's like liquid, slides over everything. It comes up in waves. And they just kept hitting him, wave after wave. He was screaming for me to save him. I closed the door to the airlock and locked him inside. I swore I'd never leave another man behind. But this ship knew about it. It knows my fears, it knows my secrets."

John Hall (Deep Cover):
"You know something? I don't think you could trust yourself."

Furious Styles (Boyz in the Hood):
"Something wrong? Yeah. It's just too bad you don't know what it is."

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Matrix Reloaded

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