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Kevin Costner Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Kevin Costner information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... that a young Kevin Costner's decision to pursue acting full-time was spurred by a chance encounter between himself and Sir Richard Burton (pictured here from The Medusa's Touch) on a plane trip to Mexico. Kevin Costner struck up a conversation with the famed actor and Burton's sage advice was that if Kevin really wanted to be an actor he needed to completely devote himself to his career with out distraction. Kevin took his advice, quit his day job and the rest is Hollywood history.

... that Kevin Costner's first big starring role in Silverado was given to him by a way of apology from director Lawrence Kasden. Kevin had been deliberating between two roles. The role that Matthew Broderick wound up playing in WarGames and the role as Alex, the suicide victim whose death brings everyone together for the funeral that opens The Big Chill. Kevin decided he wanted to work with Kasden and the all-star cast of already signed up for that movie. You may not remember seeing Kevin in that classic ensemble dramedy. That's because his entire part ended up on the screening room floor. You can however get a glimpse of him as the corpse being dressed in the opening credits of the film. Kevin's scenes appeared in a flashback sequence in the middle of the film that showed the gang back at college when Alex was still alive and the emotional core of the group of friends. During editing Kasden realized that the flashback scenes were distracting from the emotional pull of the movie and cut the entire sequence. Kasdan felt bad about what happened to Kevin who had supposedly turned in an excellent acting performance that he gave him the role of Scott Glenn's goofy brother in the western Silverado.

... that Kevin has "officially" directed three movies: Open Range (pictured here), The Postman and Dances with Wolves. He also is listed as the "uncredited" director of Waterworld.

... that Kevin Costner's directorial debut, Dances with Wolves, was one of the riskiest projects of his entire career. Before the movies release, conventional Hollywood wisdom said that the project was doomed to failure. The reasons? People believed that the Western genre was dead, besides Kevin there were no big stars in the movie, at 3 ¾ hours it was too long, there was an entire hour in the middle of the movie where all the dialog was in sub-titles - no body thought it would make a dime. The movie was often refered to as "Kevin's Gate" after director Michael Cimino's western bomb - Heaven's Gate that nearly bankrupted United Artists. Kevin Costner would prove them all wrong - the little movie that could, produced for a mere $18 million brought in over $200 million in Domestic Box Office alone, as of 2008 has made over $400 million and went on to win 8 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director for Kevin Costner.

... that Kevin Costner's Oscar for Dances With Wolves establishes him as one of only six actors to have won a Best Director Academy Award. The other five actors are Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Mel Gibson and Sir. Richard Attenborough.

... that Kevin Costner has a band called "Kevin Costner and Modern West". Of course they have a MySpace page. And even though he's from Orange County, CA we feel like Kevin Costner always been a sort of good old boy now he and his band Modern West have signed on to promote Nascar with personal appearances and music videos. Here's their first video "Backyard". We love it. You can go backstage and listen to Kevin Costner talk about his band's appearance at Stagecoach Festival.

... that Kevin Costner has an Official Website that is a lot of fun for fans. You can watch clips of all his movies or find out where his band is playing.

... that Kevin Costner really knows how to play golf, it wasn't just acting in Tin Cup. He plays in many celebrity golf tournaments, including the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament (pictured here with Andy Garcia in 2007.)

... that if you are going to be anywhere near Deadwood, South Dakota we have a wonderful sight for you to see: Tatanka: The Story of the Bison. Kevin Costner commissioned this educational and interpretive center. It is called Tatanka which is the Lakota word for buffalo. The center piece is a larger than life sculpture of 14 bison being hunted by Native American horseback riders.

... and while you are visiting Deadwood you can go to Kevin Costner's casino The Midnight Star with the restaurant Jakes named for his character in the movie Silverado.

... that before Kevin Costner was an "A List" actor, he was a struggling actor happy to get roles in commercials. We leave you with a little treat, Kevin Costner and his Apple ad, circa the early 80's:

... that Kevin Costner helps save dogs by flying them on his private jet from California shelters to Canadian shelters where they are more likely to find homes.

... that Kevin Costner founded a company that manufactures a device that can separate oil from water and is designed to be used in large oil spills. Here is he on Larry King explaining what his company can do.

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