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Judy Garland Sings Her Most Famous Movie Songs

They are all iconic motion picture moments ... Judy Garland singing her most famous movie songs. We've compiled them here for you, please enjoy!

The Wizard of Oz - 1939

"Over the Rainbow"

For Me and My Gal - 1942

"For Me and My Gal" with Gene Kelly

Meet Me in St. Louis - 1944

"The Trolley Song"

Easter Parade - 1948

"A Couple of Swells" with Fred Astaire

Summer Stock - 1950

"Get Happy"

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Words and Music

Jo Hayden ( For Me and My Gal ):

"You'll never be big time because you're small time in your heart."

Judy Garland and her sisters got their start in Vaudeville. What was the name of their act?