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Judy Garland Movies List


A Child Is Waiting

I Could Go on Singing

1961 Judgment at Nuremberg
1954 A Star Is Born
1950 Summer Stock
1949 In the Good Old Summertime
1948 The Pirate
Easter Parade
(Visit our Tribute to Easter Parade)
Words and Music
1946 The Harvey Girls
Till the Clouds Roll By
Ziegfeld Follies
1945 The Clock

Strictly G.I.

Meet Me in St. Louis
1943 Presenting Lily Mars
Girl Crazy
1942 For Me and My Gal

Life Begins for Andy Hardy

Ziegfeld Girl
Babes on Broadway
1940 Strike up the Band

Little Nellie Kelly

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

1939 The Wizard of Oz
(Visit our Tribute to The Wizard of Oz)
Babes in Arms
1938 Love Finds Andy Hardy

Everybody Sing

Listen, Darling


Thoroughbreds Don't Cry

Broadway Melody of 1938
1936 Pigskin Parade

Every Sunday

Judy Garland Movie Favorites

A young Judy Garland's star first began to glimmer in Broadway Melody of 1938 as she sweetly sang "You Made Me Love You" to a picture of Clark Gable.

In the classic of all classics, Judy Garland creates one of Hollywood's most iconic characters as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

In one of her first "grown-up roles", Judy Garland sings and dances alongside new-comer Gene Kelly in For Me and My Gal.

Another fan-favorite Judy Garland performance, Clang Clang Clang goes the Trolley in Meet Me in St. Louis.

It has become a classic with it's annual television airings ... and it deserves it. Easter Parade is packed full of great songs and a charming on-screen romance between Judy Garland and co-star Fred Astaire.

Judy Garland shines in In the Good Old Summertime, a musical remake of the classic James Stewart romantic comedy, The Shop Around the Corner. (Bonus points if you knew that the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan rom-com You've Got Mail is yet another version of this classic tale.)

Judy Garland stages a motion picture comeback with an emotion-packed performance in the dramatic musical, A Star Is Born.

Another dramatic turn from Judy Garland that resulted in an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of a German woman with a secret in Judgment at Nuremberg.

Judy Garland Academy Awards®

Best Supporting Actress Nomination for Judgment at Nuremberg --- 1962
Best Actress Nomination for A Star is Born --- 1955
Juvenile Academy Award for Outstanding performance as a screen juvenile during the past year --- 1940

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The Wizard of Oz

Esther Smith ( Meet Me in St. Louis ):

"I can't believe it. Right here where we live - right here in St. Louis."

How many movies did Judy Garland make with Mickey Rooney?