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A Tribute to Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster - child performer to successful award winning actress, producer, and director. We know how difficult it is to make that journey. She did it and impressed us even further by stopping along the way for an Ivy League degree. Her filmography begins at age six and continues through years and years of great entertainment. That's staying power, that's talent, and we'd like to celebrate this brilliant career in our Destination Hollywood tribute to Jodie Foster.

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Jodie Foster's third turn in the director's chair, The Beaver, has found a distributor despite co-star Mel Gibson's most recent bout of bad PR. It's scheduled to be released this spring, we'll keep you posted. Here's the trailer:

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Little Man Tate

Clarice Starling ( Silence of the Lambs ):

"He won't come after me. He won't. I can't explain it. He would consider that rude."

When Jodie Foster was a child she appeared in a famous ad for which sun care product?