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Jodie Foster Biography

Birth Name:

Alicia Christian Foster

Date of Birth:

November 19, 1962

Birth Place:

Los Angeles, CA


Graduated Magna cum laude from Yale in 1985


Has never been married.


Charles (son) - born in 1998
Kit (son) - born in 2001

Big Break:

Was a child actress who started making commericials when she was a toddler.

Starmaking Role:

Taxi Driver

Biggest Hit:

The Silence of the Lambs

Career Low:

Stealing Home

Tabloid Moments:

In 1981 John Hinckley, an obsessed fan, shot President Ronald Regan in an attempt to impress her and live out the plot of Taxi Driver.

Side Jobs:


Quintssential Qualities:

Intelligence and discretion - she's a person who has spent most of her life in the public spotlight but has nonetheless managed to live a very private life.

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Nim's Island

Erica ( The Brave One ):

"I always believed that fear belonged to other people. Weaker people. It never touched me. And then it did. And when it touches you, you know... that it's been there all along. Waiting beneath the surfaces of everything you loved."

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