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James Stewart Movies List

1986 North and South, Book 2

Afurika Monogatari

1978 The Big Sleep
1977 Airport '77
1976 The Shootist

Fools' Parade

1970 The Cheyenne Social Club
1968 Bandolero!
1966 The Rare Breed
1965 Shenandoah

Dear Brigitte

The Flight of the Phoenix
1964 Cheyenne Autumn
1963 How the West Was Won

Take Her, She's Mine

1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

Two Rode Together



The Mountain Road

1959 The FBI Story
Anatomy of a Murder
1958 Vertigo
Bell, Book and Candle
1957 The Spirit of St. Louis
Night Passage
1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much

Strategic Air Command

The Man from Laramie
The Far Country
1954 The Glenn Miller Story
Rear Window

Thunder Bay

The Naked Spur

Carbine Williams

The Greatest Show on Earth
Bend of the River

No Highway in the Sky

1950 Winchester '73
Broken Arrow


Blood Brothers

The Jackpot

1949 The Stratton Story
1948 Rope
On Our Merry Way

You Gotta Stay Happy

Call Northside 777

Magic Town

1946 It's a Wonderful Life
(Visit our Tribute to It's A Wonderful Life)

Come Live with Me

Pot O' Gold
Ziegfeld Girl

No Time for Comedy

The Philadelphia Story
(Visit our Tribute to The Philadelphia Story)

The Mortal Storm

The Shop Around the Corner
1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The Ice Follies of 1939

It's a Wonderful World

Destry Rides Again
Made for Each Other
1938 You Can't Take It with You

Vivacious Lady

The Shopworn Angel

Of Human Hearts


The Seventh Heaven

The Navy Blue and Gold

The Last Gangster


Next Time We Love

Born to Dance
Wife vs. Secretary

The Gorgeous Hussy

Small Town Girl

After the Thin Man

Rose Marie


The Murder Man

James Stewart Movie Favorites

If you watch this zany Frank Capra movie you will learn that money isn't everything and that You Can't Take It with You. Young James Stewart is a member of the rich mean family who falls in love with Jean Arthur from the poor happy family.

James Stewart, Frank Capra and Jean Arthur reteamed for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. An idealistic young man takes on the United States Senate.

James Stewart is the unlikely new deputy who hates guns and carves napkin rings in the wild Western town of Bottleneck. Destry Rides Again is a comedy western with Marlene Dietrich as Frenchy the saloon girl.

You might have seen You've Got Mail. Now watch the original The Shop Around the Corner. Oh and did we tell you it's set in Budapest?

You want a sophisticated 1940's comedy with rapid fire witty dialogue? Then it's The Philadelphia Story for you.

Is it Christmas? Make it a holiday tradition. Watch It's a Wonderful Life. ( Somehow it just doesn't seem right to watch it at any other time of the year.)

James Stewart shows us his dark side in a classic western Winchester '73. Look for two future stars in small roles- Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis.

Do you know what a Pooka is? In Celtic mythology it's a fairy spirit in animal form. That's Harvey. A six foot tall white rabbit and only James Stewart can see him.

We're going to recommend this musical biography because maybe you're too young to remember big bands or Moonlight Serenade. This is the story of the music of the Greatest Generation The Glenn Miller Story.

Alfred Hitchcock found the perfect actor to collaborate with. Together they gave us classic suspense and romance in Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Vertigo.

The Spirit of St. Louis - A biopic of Charles Lindbergh and the story of his courageous solo flight across the Atlantic.

John Ford directed it. James Stewart and John Wayne are the stars and it has the very best theme song The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

James Stewart Academy Awards®

Honorary Academy Award (for fifty years of memorable performances) --- 1985
James Stewart Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Best Actor Nomination for Anatomy of a Murder --- 1960
Best Actor Nomination for Harvey --- 1951
Best Actor Nomination for It's A Wonderful Life --- 1947
Best Actor Win for The Philadelphia Story --- 1941
Best Actor Nomination for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington --- 1940

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The Shootist

Paul Biegler ( Anatomy of a Murder ):

"The prosecution would like to separate the motive from the act. Well, that's like trying to take the core from an apple without breaking the skin."

How many movies did James Stewart make with director Frank Capra?