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Ingrid Bergman Biography

Birth Name:

Ingrid Bergman

Date of Birth:

August 29, 1915

Birth Place:

Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Death:

August 29, 1982 in London England


Royal Dramatic Theater (Sweden)


Aron Petter Lindstrom (1937 - 1950)
Roberto Rossellini (1950 - 1957)
Lars Schmidt (1958 - 1975)


Pia Lindstrom - born in 1938
Renato Roberto Rossellini - born in 1950
Twins Isabella and Isotta Rossellini - born in 1952

Famous Family:

Ingrid Bergman's daughter Isabella Rossellini has a successful acting career of her own.

Famous Romances:

Infamous affair with Roberto Rossellini while married to Aron Lindstrom

Big Break:

Ingrid Bergman starred in Swedish movie Intermezzo. When David O. Selznick made Hollywood version he brought her to America to reprise her role.

Starmaking Role:


Biggest Hit:


Career Low:

Being exiled from Hollywood because of scandal of her affair with Roberto Rossellini.

Comeback Vehicle:


Tabloid Moments:

Hard to imagine just how big a scandal this affair was - she was denounced on the floor of the US Senate and by the Pope.

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Paula Alquist Anton ( Gaslight ):

"If I were not mad, I could have helped you. Whatever you had done, I could have pitied and protected you. But because I am mad, I hate you. Because I am mad, I have betrayed you. And because I'm mad, I'm rejoicing in my heart, without a shred of pity, without a shred of regret, watching you go with glory in my heart!"

In The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Ingrid Bergman's character is a maid who becomes a missionary in which country?