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Henry Fonda Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Henry Fonda information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... that Henry Fonda is the oldest actor to receive a Best Actor Oscar - he received his at the age of 76 for his performance in On Golden Pond.

... that Henry Fonda got his first acting lessons from Marlon Brando's mother, Dorothy Brando, who was the director at the Omaha Playhouse of which he was a member throughout the 1920's. To learn more please visit our Tribute to Marlon Brando.

... that in the early 1930's Henry Fonda was married to actress Margaret Sullavan best known for her performance with Jimmy Stewart in The Shop Around the Corner. (A cute romantic comedy which was remade as You've Got Mail.) Henry Fonda and Margaret Sullavan appeared on-screen together in 1936 in The Moon's Our Home (pictured here.)

... that in 1948, due to the lack of good film roles, Henry Fonda retired from movie-making for more than seven years. He moved to New York and concentrated on a Broadway career, appearing in such plays as Mister Roberts, The Point of No Return and The Caine Mutiny Court Martial. He only returned to Hollywood to star in the motion picture version of Mister Roberts in 1955.

... that Henry Fonda has some very famous off-spring. Daughter Jane Fonda, son Peter Fonda and grand-daughter Bridget Fonda. Henry Fonda appeared with Jane in On Golden Pond (pictured here) and his son in Wanda Nevada.

... that Jane Fonda maintains that Henry Fonda had a passionate mid-life love affair with Lucille Ball. She says that the affair began when Henry and Lucy were making the comedy, Yours, Mine and Ours (pictured here).

... that Henry Fonda enlisted in the Navy during World War II. He served on the USS Satterlee and was commissioned as a Lieutenant JG (the same rank held by his fictional counterpart in Mister Roberts). He was awarded a Presidential Citation and the Bronze Star.

... that The Fonda family has a well documented life. Henry Fonda wrote a biography called Fonda: My Life. Then his two children both wrote their own stories. Peter Fonda titled his Don't Tell Dad: A Memoir while Jane Fonda's My Life So Far was a little kinder to her father.

... that Henry Fonda was an accomplished artist. This painting is of the three hats that his character wore in On Golden Pond. He gave lithographs to the entire crew. One of the hats originally belonged to Spencer Tracy and was given to Henry Fonda by Katherine Hepburn.

... that Henry Fonda was on the cover of Life Magazine in 1955. You can buy an original copy.

... that Henry Fonda was honored with a US postage stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series. The artist worked form an early photograph of the actor in The Grapes of Wrath.

... Oh the things you can buy on ebay. A seller in Minnesota posted an ad for the boat used in the filming of On Golden Pond. And it sold for $47,000!!! Remember to save those old movie props you might have lying around the house. You don't even have to know who was in the movie. In the ad the seller said Henry Fonda and Audry (sic) Hepburn were the stars of On Golden Pond along with this beautiful boat.

... that Henry Fonda won the Broadway Tony award for Mister Roberts in 1948. You can see his extensive stage credits on the Internet Broadway Database.

... that you can see Henry Fonda in his convincing portrayal of Young Mr. Lincoln. He wore a prosthetic nose and boots to make himself taller.

On Location

Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater Footprints
Henry Fonda is just one of the many legendary celebrities to leave hand and footprints outside the famous Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater.

Mann's Chinese Theater
6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
In the early 1960's, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce developed the idea of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." The sidewalks of the most famous streets in the heart of Hollywood were lined with "stars" recognizing celebrities' life-long contributions to the entertainment industry. Receiving a star is still to this day considered a huge honor. Here's where you can find Henry Fonda's star:

Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

1601 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA

Former Home of Henry Fonda
10744 Chalon Road
Bel Air, CA

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