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Gregory Peck Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Gregory Peck? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Gregory Peck starred in which famous tear-jerker animal movie?

a) Old Yeller
b) The Yearling
c) Where the Red Fern Grows

2) Gregory Peck was the first Chairman of which prestigious Hollywood institution?

a) SAG
b) AFI
c) MGM

3) In which famous horror movie did Gregory Peck star?

a) The Exorcist
b) The Omen
c) The Vanishing

4) Which of Gregory Peck's movies addressed the problem of anti-semitism?

a) The Stalking Moon
b) Mirage
c) Gentleman's Agreement

5) Which of Gregory Peck's movies was based on an Ernest Hemingway story?

a) Moby Dick
b) The Stalking Moon
c) The Snows of Kilamanjaro

6) Gregory Peck made two movies with Henry Fonda (How the West Was Won and Pictura), what movie did he star in with Henry Fonda's daughter Jane Fonda?

a) Mirage
b) Old Gringo
c) Only the Valiant

7) In which movie did Gregory Peck appear as the lead in the original and had a small cameo in the remake?

a) Roman Holiday
b) Moby Dick
c) Cape Fear

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The Omen

General Frank Savage ( Twelve O'Clock High ):

"Well, I can tell you right now what the problem is. I saw it in your faces last night. I can see it there now. You've been looking at a lot of air lately, and you feel you need a rest. In short, you're feeling sorry for yourselves. Now I don't have a lot of patience with this 'What are we fighting for?' stuff. We're in a war, a shooting war. We've got to fight. And some of us have got to die."