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Gregory Peck Biography

Birth Name:

Eldred Gregory Peck

Date of Birth:

April 15, 1916

Birth Place:

La Jolla, California

Date of Death:

June 12, 2003, Los Angeles, California


San Diego High School
San Diego State University
University of California, Berkeley, BA English


Greta Kukkone (1942 - 1955
Veronique Passani (1955 - until his death)


Jonathan, Stephen and Carey Peck (with Greta)
Anthony and Cecilia Peck (with Veronique)

Big Break:

Broadway roles led to movie debut in Days of Glory

Starmaking Role:

His second movie The Keys of the Kingdom brought both an Academy Award nomination and stardom.

Biggest Hit:

To Kill a Mockingbird

Career Low:

Gregory Peck had a string of box office duds in the 1960's.

Comeback Vehicle:

The Omen

Tabloid Moments:

He was scandal free.

Good Works:

Activist for liberal causes
Chairman - Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund
National Chairman - American Cancer Society
First Chairman - American Film Institute

Side Jobs:

Racehorse owner
Democratic Party supporter

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General Douglas MacArthur ( MacArthur ):

"In my all my fifty years of military service, I have never learned how to bomb HALF a bridge!"

Gregory Peck was the first ever Chairman of what Hollywood film preservation society?