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Glenn Close Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Glenn Close? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Where did Glenn Close's family live while she was growing up?

a) In Japan, her dad was a businessman
b) In England, her father was an ambassador
c) In Africa, her father was a doctor and ran a medical clinic

2) In which movie did Glenn Close make her film debut?

a) The World According to Garp
b) The Big Chill
c) The Natural

3) In which Broadway musical, based on a classic Hollywood film, did Glenn Close star?

a) Evita
b) Guys and Dolls
c) Sunset Boulevard

4) Glenn Close is know to children as what Disney villain?

a) Ursula the Sea Witch
b) Cruella de Vil
c) Queen Malicifent

5) What did Glenn Close's character do for a living in The Big Chill?

a) Doctor
b) Lawyer
c) Nurse

6) In the groundbreaking television movie-of-the-week, Something About Amelia, Glenn Close played a wife who had to confront the truth about her husband? What was it?

a) He was a mobster
b) He was an adulterer
c) He was a molester

7) In The World According to Garp, Glenn Close played Robin William's mother despite the fact that they are virtually the same age. In which other movie did she play the mother of an acting contemporary?

a) Dangerous Liaisons
b) Hamlet
c) Mary Reilly

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