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Glenn Close Biography

Birth Name:

Glenn Close

Date of Birth:

March 19, 1947

Birth Place:

Greenwich, Connecticut


The College of William and Mary


Cabot Wade (1969 - 1971)
James Marlas (1984 - 1987)
David Shaw (2006 - present)


Annie (daughter) - born in 1988

Famous Family:

Brooke Shields (sorta) Brooke's great grandmother was Glenn Close's great aunt. We think that makes them second cousins once removed. Glenn's grandfather was once married to Post cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Famous Romances:

William Hurt, Kevin Kline

Big Break:

Coming from Broadway success to a role in The World According to Garp

Starmaking Role:

One two punch of The Big Chill and The Natural

Biggest Hit:

Glenn Close's biggest box office movie was her role as the Vice President in Air Force One but that's not a role she's remembered for so we have to go with Fatal Attraction for box office plus a role no one will ever forget.

Career Low:

Because of her versatility Glenn Close has been able to move between movies, Broadway, and television finding success everywhere.

Good Works:

Animal Charities
Entertainment Industry Foundation

Side Jobs:

Supporter of the Democratic Party

Quintssential Quality:

The Strong Woman

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102 Dalmations

Claire Wellington ( The Stepford Wives ):

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What did Glenn Close's character do for a living in The Big Chill?