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Gene Hackman Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Gene Hackman.

Rankin Fitch (Runaway Jury):
"Gentlemen, trials are too important to be left up to juries."

Jimmy McGinty (The Replacements):
"I look at you and I see two men: the man you are and the man you oughtta be. Someday those two men will meet, and it should make for one hell of a football player."

Coach Norman Dale (Hoosiers):
"Strap, God wants you on the court."

Little Bill Daggett (Unforgiven):
"Look son, being a good shot, being quick with a pistol, that don't do no harm, but it don't mean much next to being cool-headed. A man who will keep his head and not get rattled under fire, like as not, he'll kill ya. It ain't so easy to shoot a man anyhow, especially if the son-of-a-bitch is shootin' back at you."

Lex Luthor (Superman):
"There's a strong streak of good in you Superman, but then nobody's perfect … almost nobody."

Harry Caul (The Conversation):
"I'm not afraid of death, but I am afraid of murder."

Lex Luthor (Superman II):
"The next time, the next time? What am I going to do with you people huh? I hold up my end, delivered you the Blue Boy -- and what do I hear from my triple threat? "Bow, yield, kneel" -- that kind of stuff closes out of town."

Rupert Anderson (Mississippi Burning):
"Down here, things are different; here, they believe that some things are worth killing for."

Jimmy McGinty (The Replacements):
"A real man admits his fears. That's what I'm asking you to do here tonight."

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