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Gary Cooper Biography

Birth Name:

Frank James Cooper

Date of Birth:

May 7, 1901

Birth Place:

Helena, Montana

Date of Death:

May 13, 1961 in Beverly Hills, Calfornia


Dunstable Grammar School, Bedfordshire, England
Bozeman High School, Montana
Grinnell College


Veronica "Rocky" Balfe (1933 - 1961)


Maria (daughter)

Famous Romances:

Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Patricia Neal, Grace Kelly

Big Break:

After several failed career starts (newspaper man, salesman) Gary Grant worked as a movie extra and was offered a contract with Paramount Pictures.

Starmaking Role:

The Virginian

Biggest Hit:

High Noon

Tabloid Moments:

Testifying before the House of Un-American Activities committee
Affair with 22 year old co-star Patricia Neal

Quintssential Quality:

The Original "Strong, Silent Type"

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Garden of Evil

Jess Birdwell ( Friendly Persuasion ):

"I'm just his father, Eliza, not his conscience. A man's life ain't worth a hill of beans except he lives up to his own conscience."

Gary Cooper played Wild Bill Hickok in which movie?