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Frank Sinatra Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Frank Sinatra? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Ol' Blue Eyes has another famous nickname - what is it?

a) The Stick
b) The Crooner
c) The Chairman of the Board

2) Who did Frank Sinatra always credit with teaching him how to dance?

a) Fred Astaire
b) Gene Kelly
c) Donald O'Connor

3) Frank Sinatra won his only acting Academy Award for which movie?

a) The Joker is Wild
b) The Man with the Golden Gun
c) From Here to Eternity

4) What was "The Tender Trap"?

a) Jail
b) Money Scheme
c) Marriage

5) What was the first Rat Pack movie?

a) Four for Texas
b) Sergeant's 3
c) Ocean's 11

6) What was Frank Sinatra's last movie in which he played a character and not himself?

a) The First Deadly Sin
b) None But the Brave
c) Tony Rome

7) In which musical remake did Frank Sinatra play a character originated by James Stewart?

a) Young at Heart
b) Pal Joey
c) High Society

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