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Movies About Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is so famous that not only did he make movies, but people made movies about him. Here is a collection of Frank Sinatra docudramas that should not be missed.

Sinatra - a 4 hour TV mini-series made in 1992. We highly recommend.

The Rat Pack - a two hour movie starring Ray Liotta as Frank Sinatra.

Sugartime - Based on the true story of the life and times and love affair of mobster Sam Giancana and America's songbird, Phyllis McGuire. Their too public relationship and tense atmosphere of the times could put an end to her career - and his life!

Stealing Sinatra - What do you get when you combine three inexperienced criminals, a rented house in Los Angeles and the son of one of America’s greatest legends? You get the 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. Featuring an excellent soundtrack of period music, this madcap caper is more outlandish than fiction!

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Robin and the Seven Hoods

The Tender Trap ( The Tender Trap ):

"Ya see a pair of laughing eyes - And suddenly you're sighing sighs. - You're thinkin' nothin's wrong,- You string along, boy, then SNAP! - Those eyes, those sighs, They're part of the ten - der trap."

Who did Frank Sinatra always credit with teaching him how to dance?