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Francis Ford Coppola Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Francis Ford Coppola information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... that although Francis Ford Coppola stopped directing movies for awhile he has been an extremely busy man. His website Francis Ford Coppola Presents tells us about the wine, the food, the literary publication, the resorts that he owns, the restaurants and that doesn't even include the movies he produced.

… that early on in his career Francis supported his burgeoning directorial career by writing screenplays for other filmmakers, including The Great Gatsby (pictured here), Patton and This Property is Condemned.

… that Francis Ford Coppola is related to many people in the film industry. His nephew is actor Nicolas Cage (seen here in Peggy Sue Got Married). His sister is actress Talia Shire. His daughter is actress/director Sofia Coppola.

… that Francis Ford Coppola got his start working with B-Movie King Roger Corman.

... that Francis Ford Coppola's wife accompanied her husband on the arduous Philippines location filming of Apocalypse Now. She wrote a book Notes on the Making Apocalypse Now and turned that into a documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse.

.... Trivia question: Just what is a zoetrope? Francis Ford Coppola has used that word for the name of his production company, his magazine, his restaurants. He likes this word. But do you know what it means? A zoetrope is a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures.

... that he didn't go to Yale, he didn't attend USC Film School, Francis Ford Coppola, one of the most acclaimed directors in the world went to Hofstra University. Watch him talk about his college years and hear him tell how he became the "czar of the theatre department". Nice glasses Francis.

... and we leave you with a little treat. In 1986, Francis Ford Coppola teamed up with the Walt Disney Company and Michael Jackson to create a short 3-D Musical to be shown as an attraction at Disneyland. Here's an extended clip for your viewing pleasure:

On Location

Francis the Restaurateur
Francis co-owns this San Francisco restaurant with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

558 Sacramento St.
San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 434-4100

Francis also owns a combination wine bar/café/retail store in Northern California.

Café Zoetrope
916 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 291-1700

Francis the Hotelier
Francis Ford Coppola owns three resorts in Central America. The Turtle Inn and The Blancaneaux Lodge are in Belize. La Lancha Resort is in Guatemala. He was looking for a jungle paradise like the one where he filmed Apocalypse Now and it seems he has found it and wants to share it with all of us. Rates run anywhere from $150 to $400 a night and the lodge is open every month except September. For more information you can click here to Visit the Official Website

Or use the following information:
Reservations - Blancaneaux Lodge
P.O. Box B, Central Farm
Cayo District
Belize, Central America
Tel 501-92-3878 / Fax 501-92-3919
Or in the States call: 1-800-PINERIDGE

Francis the Winemaker
Francis owns and operates a respected Northern California Winery called Rubicon Estate that produces a wide range of wines - the most famous being the Rubicon. You can tour the Chateau daily at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm (with an additional tour Saturdays at 12:30 pm). For more information call (707) 968-1161 or Visit the Official Website.

Francis the Publisher
Francis Ford Coppola founded Zoetrope All Story a quarterly literary magazine showcasing the best in short fiction and one act plays. The magazine also contains a feature called Classic Reprints, highlighting classic short stories which have inspired a great film.

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The Godfather

Lt. Colonel Kilgore ( Apocalypse Now ):

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

How many Academy Awards has Francis Ford Coppola won?