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Elvis Presley Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Blue Hawaii
"You wanna know something - on you, wet is my favorite color."

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Viva Las Vegas
"Well that's a coincidence, that you were born in Las Veags and after all that travelling I met you in Las Vegas."

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Jailhouse Rock
"No, you ain't gonna hate me. I ain't gonna let you hate me."

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Flaming Star
"You were the worst. You made me feel it the worst. When I was little I liked you a lot. You were the only girl I ever liked a whole lot. But ever since you've been old enough to know, you never looked at me once without saying something in the back of your head. "He's Kiowa. Clint's all right, but watch out for Pacer.""

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Kid Galahad
"Don't push me, Willy. I'm a grease monkey that won't slide so easily!"

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
"If I were a girl, I would let the measles in my apartment before I let him in."

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
"Gotta stop reading those hot-rod magazines buddy, sickles are out - it's either a bike or a motorcycle."

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
King Creole
"No, pa, that's not what you brought me up to do, but I stopped listening to you! I ran out of other cheeks! You know, I remember once, Pop, when I was no more than 3 feet high you took me to the circus. You accidentally bumped into some guy and he turned around and punched you. He punched you right in the mouth, and you know what you did? Nothing! Nothing! When they swing at you, pop, it's not enough to duck, you gotta swing back!"

Elvis Presley Movie Quotes from
Follow That Dream
"Sure. Whenever some pretty girl starts to bother me I just close my eyes and say, "One times one is one. One times two is two. One times three is three, and all the through to the eights. Usually, I only get the sixes and they get disgusted and walk away."

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Jailhouse Rock

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