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Eddie Murphy Biography

Birth Name:

Edward Regan Murphy

Date of Birth:

April 3, 1961

Birth Place:

Brooklyn, New York


Roosevelt High School
Nassau Community College


Nicole Mitchell (1993 - 2006)
Tracey Edmonds (2008 - 2008)*

* Tracey and Eddie got married in Bora Bora on 1/1/08 and announced on 1/16/08 that the marriage had not been legal and they decided to call it off. Since there was an engagement, a ring, a wedding gown, lots of wedding pictures, and a cake, we're calling it a marriage anyway.


Christian (son)
Bria (daughter) - born in 1989
Miles (son) - born in 1992
Shayne (son) - born in 1994
Zola (daughter) - born in 1999
Bella (daughter) - born in 2002
Angel Brown (daughhter) - born in 2007

Famous Romances:

Robin Givens, Whitney Houston and Atisone Seiuli (transvestite prostitute)

Big Break:

Saturday Night Live

Starmaking Role:

Beverly Hills Cop

Biggest Hit:

The three Shrek movies

Career Low:

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (Budget of $100 million/US Box Office $4.41 million

Comeback Vehicle:


Tabloid Moments:

Suit by Art Buchwald over Coming to America script
Arrested with transvestite prostitute (see above)
Paternity suit by Scary Spice
16 day Marriage (or not)

Good Works:

Generous donations to many causes.

Side Jobs:

Singer (hit single "Party all the Time")

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Coming to America

Donkey ( Shrek 2 ):

"You know, in some cultures, donkeys are revered as the smartest of animals, especially us talking ones."

How many times has Eddie Murphy portrayed Axel Foley?