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Eddie Murphy Movies List

2010 Shrek Forever After
2009 Imagine That
2008 Meet Dave
2007 Shrek the Third
2006 Dreamgirls
2004 Shrek 2
2003 The Haunted Mansion
Daddy Day Care
2002 I Spy
The Adventures of Pluto Nash
2001 Dr. Dolittle 2
2000 Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
1999 Life
1998 Mulan
Dr. Dolittle
Holy Man
1997 Metro
1996 The Nutty Professor
1995 Vampire in Brooklyn
1994 Beverly Hills Cop III
1992 The Distinguished Gentleman
1990 Another 48 Hrs.
1989 Harlem Nights
1988 Coming to America
1987 Eddie Murphy: Raw
Beverly Hills Cop II
1986 Golden Child
Beverly Hills Cop
Best Defense
1983 Trading Places
Eddie Murphy Delirious
1982 48 Hrs.

Eddie Murphy Movie Favorites

His first movie. The original buddy cop duo - Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs..

Nature vs. Nuture. Can homeless Eddie Murphy fit into Louis Winthrope III's upper crust life? How will privileged Dan Ackroyd cope with being down and out? A classic 80's comedy. Trading Places.

Beverly Hills Cop - Comedy, action, fish out of water, great soundtrack , it's all there when Detroit cop Axel Foley tracks down his friend's killer in California.

Eddie Murphy begins playing multiple characters in a movie. Where would an African Prince go to find a Queen? New York City, the borough of Queens, of course. Coming to America

It won an Academy Award for best makeup and Eddie Murphy plays 7 different characters but can we really recommend The Nutty Professor? Only if you also watch the Jerry Lewis version.

Make sure that the little girls in your life add Mulan to their list of Disney heroines. She's brave and strong and has Eddie Murphy as a very cute little dragon sidekick Mushu.

Eddie Murphy voices a character called Donkey and delights all in Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third.

Dreamgirls - Those of us who love Broadway musicals have been disappointed in the movie versions many times. Not this time.

Eddie Murphy Academy Awards®

Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Dreamgirls --- 2007

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I Spy

Prince Akeem ( Coming to America ):

"I want a woman that's going to arouse my intellect as well as my lions."

What was Eddie Murphy's first movie??