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Dustin Hoffman Biography

Birth Name:

Dustin Lee Hoffman

Date of Birth:

August 8, 1937

Birth Place:

Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles High School
Santa Monica College


Ann Byrne (1969 - 1980)
Lisa Gottsegen (1980 - present)


Jenna (daughter) - born in 1970
Jake (son) - born in 1981
Rebecca (daughter) - born in 1983
Max (son) - born in 1984

Big Break:

The Graduate

Starmaking Role:

Midnight Cowboy

Biggest Hit:

Sad to say but Meet the Fockers is Dustin Hoffman's biggest box office hit.

Career Low:

Ishtar, because it has become the poster child for bad movies.

Comeback Vehicle:

He wasn't down very long. His next movie after Ishtar was Rain Man.

Tabloid Moments:

Los Angeles Magazine had to pay Dustin Hoffman $3 million dollars after he sued them for digitally altering a picture of his face from the movie Tootsie on the body of a model wearing a dress and heals.

Good Works:

Supports the Democratic Party
Chairs the Artistic Advisory Board at Santa Monica College's Broad Stage

Quintssential Quality:

The Method Actor

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Dr. Jules Hilbert ( Stranger Than Fiction ):

"Well let's start from ridiculous and go from there."

Who was Dustin Hoffman's roommate when he was an aspiring New York actor?