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Clint Eastwood Biography

Birth Name:

Clinton Eastwood, Jr.

Date of Birth:

May 31, 1930

Birth Place:

San Francisco, CA


Oakland Technical High School


Maggie Johnson (1953 - 1978)
Dina Ruiz (1996 - present)


This is complicated. Clint Eastwood has seven children by five different women.

Kimber - 1964 (with Roxanne Tunis)
Kyle - 1968 (with Maggie Johnson)
Allison - 1972 (with Maggie Johnson)
Scott - 1976 (with Jacelyn Reeves)
Kathryn - 1988 (with Jacelyn Reeves)
Francesca - 1993 (with Frances Fisher)
Morgan - 1996 (with Dina Ruiz)

Famous Romances:

Besides all those mothers of his children, Clint Eastwood had a twelve year relationship with the actress Sondra Locke.

Big Break:

Role of Rowdy Yates on the long running TV western Rawhide.

Starmaking Role:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly made him an international star.

Biggest Hit:

Dirty Harry, his most memorable character which spawned four sequels, although Unforgiven gave him Oscars and critical acclaim.

Career Low:

Pink Cadillac

Comeback Vehicle:


Tabloid Moments:

The very acrimonious break up with Sondra Locke. She wrote a book about their relationship called The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly.

Side Jobs:

Mayor of Carmel, California (one term)
Golf course owner
Golf Clothing Company owner

Quintssential Quality:


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In the Line of Fire

Steve Everett ( True Crime ):

"When my nose tells me something stinks, I gotta have faith in it."

In real-life, Clint Eastwood served in his country in which capacity?