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Cary Grant Biography

Birth Name:

Archibald Alexander Leach

Date of Birth:

January 18, 1904

Birth Place:

Bristol, England

Date of Death:

November 29, 1986 in Davenport, Iowa


Fairfield Grammar School


Virginia Cherrill (1934 - 1935)
Barbara Hutton (1942 - 1945)
Betsy Drake (1949 -1962)
Dyan Cannon (1965 - 1967)
Barbara Harris (1981 - 1986)


Jennifer Grant - born in 1966

Famous Romances:

Sophia Loren

Big Break:

Mae West selected him as her leading man in She Done Him Wrong

Starmaking Role:

The Philadelphia Story

Biggest Hit:

North by Northwest

Career Low:

Went out at the top of his career.

Tabloid Moments:

LSD use and rumors of possible bi-sexuality.

Side Jobs:

Had his own production company
Board Member of Faberge
Toured the country with his one man show in the 80's.

Quintessential Quality:

Debonair Leading Man

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The Awful Truth

Lt. Cmdr Matt T. Sherman ( Operation Petticoat ):

"Sir, Sea Tiger was built to fight. She deserves a better epitaph than 'Commissioned 1940, sunk 1941, engagements none, shots fired none.' Now, you can't let it go that way. That's like a beautiful woman dying an old maid, if you know what I mean by old maid."

What iconic character was based on Cary Grant's on-screen persona?