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Cameron Diaz Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Cameron Diaz.

Amanda (The Holiday):
"So now I'm just gonna kiss you for the millionth time and say 'Be seeing you'."

Princess Fiona (Shrek 2):
"I want what any princess wants - to live happily ever after with the ogre I married."

Julie (Vanilla Sky):
"Don't you know that when you sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether you do or not."

Natalie Cook (Charlie's Angels):
"Good morning, Charlie!"

Christina Pagniacci (Any Given Sunday):
"No intensity, no victory."

Lotte Schwartz (Being John Malkovich):
"Don't stand in the way of my actualization as a man."

Laura Garrety (Very Bad Things):
"You left a dead prostitute alone in the desert?"

Kimmy (My Best Friend's Wedding):
"He's got you on a pedestal and me in his arms."

Freddie (Feeling Minnesota):
"I dream of being in a Las Vegas hotel where all of the towels smell like Downy Fabric Softener."

Mary (There's Something About Mary):
"You know, I don't think they have enough meats on sticks. No seriously, if you think about it, they have plenty of sweets, right? They have lollipops. They have fudgcicles. They have popcicles. But they don't have any other meat on sticks."

Celine Navalle (A Life Less Ordinary):
"If word got around that I had been liberated for half a million dollars, I could never show my face in polite society again. Diamonds have no value except that which is placed upon them."

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