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Hollywood Locations in the Movies

Many movies have been set in Los Angeles, such as our featured movies L.A. Story, Pretty Woman, Swingers and Scream 3. In addition, we've compiled a list of places in L.A. where famous films have been shot.

An L.A. Story
A Pretty Woman in L.A.
Swingers in Hollywood
Scream-ing through Hollywood
A Cop in Beverly Hills
Confidential at the Formosa
Terror at the Nakatomi Building
A Rebel Without a Cause in LA
I'll Be Back to the Griffith Observatory

Terror at the Nakatomi Building

The Nakatomi Building from the original Die Hard is actually the Fox Plaza Tower located in Century City.

Visit our Tribute to Die Hard.

As featured in
Die Hard

The "real thing" at:
2121 Avenue of the Stars
Century City, CA

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Beverly Hills High School
featured in It's A Wonderful Life