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The Sixth Sense Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about The Sixth Sense? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What is the name on Malcolm's gray sweatshirt that he wears in the movie?

a) Boston U
b) Liberty Rowing Club
c) Philadelphia Flyers

2) What does Lynn, Cole's mom, notice is in every picture that Cole is in?

a) A shaft of light
b) A red shadow
c) A dog

3) What was Cole's teacher's nickname when he was growing up?

a) Stinky Steve
b) Silly Sam
c) Stuttering Stanley

4) What city does The Sixth Sense take place in?

a) Boston
b) Philadelphia
c) New Jersey

5) What kind of commercial does Cole's classmate Tommy Tammisimo act in?

a) Cough Syrup
b) Diet Pepsi
c) Chicken Soup

6) What kind of car does Cole's mom drive?

a) Volkswagon
b) Saturn
c) Volvo

7) What does Cole's mom accuse Cole of taking from her?

a) Flashlight
b) Bumblebee Pendant
c) Dad's Watch

8) What is the name of Cole's dog?

a) Goldie
b) Harvey
c) Sebastian

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The Sixth Sense

Dr. Malcolm Crowe ( Bruce Willis ):

"Wow. We should hang it in the bathroom."