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A Tribute to The Searchers

This movie shows up on a lot of "Best Lists" … Best Western of All Time, Best John Ford Movie and Best Acting by John Wayne, to name just a few. It is well deserving of these accolades for many reasons. The most fundamental is that it is an entertaining story told by filmmakers at the top of their craft. The saga of Ethan Edwards and his five-year search for his Indian-abducted niece broke new ground for its particular genre. This movie's hero is not your typical justice and community loving Western protagonist. Ethan Edwards is an angry, driven, racist loner. When Edwards learns his niece is living as the wife of one of her kidnappers, his hatred for the Indians leads him to believe that it is his duty to kill not rescue young Debbie. Ultimately Edward's psychological journey is the story that John Wayne and John Ford wanted to tell and they have done so expertly. So let's put an amen to it and present to you the Destination Hollywood Tribute to The Searchers.

The Searchers DVD Spotlight

The Searchers Two-Disc Anniversary Edition DVD

Based on the Book

The Searchers by Alan Lemay

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The Searchers

Ethan Edwards ( John Wayne ):

"Put an amen to it."

How is Ethan related to Debbie?