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Rio Grande Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Rio Grande? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Why did Kirby's son Jeff get kicked out of West Point?

a) Fought with an upperclassman
b) Failed a math class
c) Cheated on a test

2) What does Kirby keep hidden in a chest by his bed?

a) Money
b) Rifle
c) Music Box

3) What is the name of the fort where the troops are stationed?

a) Fort Michigan
b) Fort Stark
c) Fort Wagner

4) What do the other troopers call Jeff Yorke?

a) Johnnie Reb
b) The Kid
c) Junior

5) The singers in the movie who serenade Kathleen and Kirby were played by the famous Sons of the Pioneers - who was the most famous founding member?

a) Gene Autry
b) Johnny Cash
c) Roy Rogers

6) Kathleen Yorke takes a job alongside the enlisted men's wives. What does she do?

a) Cooking
b) Laundry
c) Sewing

7) Why is Kathleen so mad at Kirby?

a) He joined the Union Army
b) He wouldn't leave the Cavalry
c) He was with the Union soldiers that burn down her Atlanta plantation

8) What songs so the singers serenade Kirby and Kathleen with?

a) My Darling Clementine
b) Dixie
c) I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen

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Rio Grande

Mrs. Kathleen Yorke ( Maureen O'Hara ):

"Ramrod, wreckage and ruin. Still the same Kirby."