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The Quiet Man Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" The Quiet Man information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... the movie was based on the novel The Quiet Man by Maurice Walsh.

... John Ford, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara where all of Irish descent and were very happy to be making a movie about their beloved Ireland.

... no movie studio in Hollywood wanted to make The Quiet Man. It wasn't until John Ford, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara agreed to make a traditional money-making Western (Rio Grande) for Republic Studios that they got the greenlight to make The Quiet Man. Learn more in our Tribute to Rio Grande

... The Quiet Man was filmed on location in County Galway, Ireland. Today an Irish gentleman by the name of Paddy Rock is ready to take you on a tour of the movie's famous locations.

... If ye won't be going to Ireland you can go on an armchair tour here:

... But if you do make it to The Emerald Isle you must have a drink at Cohan's Pub. When the movie was made it was really a grocery store decked out to play a pub but now someone has painstakingly recreated the movie pub.

... You can also visit The Quiet Man Cottage Museum and have your picture taken in costumes from the movie.

... Irish songwriter Dick Farrelley wrote the song The Isle of Innisfree while he was riding a bus to Dublin. Bing Crosby's recording of it was a big hit and dorector John Ford selected it as the love theme for John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara's characters.

... The town in the movie is called Innisfree but that was a fictional name. The Isle referred to in the song is a small island off the western coast of Ireland that was made famous in a poem by William Butler Yeats called Lake Isle of Innisfree. You can listen to the poet himself reading his beautiful poem here

... You can read The Quiet Man script here.

... Maureen O'Hara is still the most famous Irish actress in the world . The Quiet Man is the only movie she appeared in that she spoke Irish. And now we know how to say sleeping bag in Irish.

    Mary Kate: Níor lig mé m'fhear chéile isteach i mo leaba liom... aréir. Chuir mé fuinneamh air a chodladh i ... oh ... i mála codlata! Mála codlata! [I didn't allow my husband into my bed with me ... last night. I forced him to sleep in ... a sleeping bag! A sleeping bag!]
    Father Lonigan: Céard é sin -- 'bag'? [What is that -- 'bag'?]
    Mary Kate: Sleeping bag, Father -- with ... with buttons! Más breá é -- níor rith sé ar a shon. An peaca é? [If he's [any] good -- he wouldn't have run even so. Is it a sin?]

The Quiet Man On Location

John Wayne is just one of the many legendary celebrities to leave hand and footprints outside the famous Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater.

John Wayne Prints
Mann's Chinese Theater

6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
In the early 1960's, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce developed the idea of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." The sidewalks of the most famous streets in the heart of Hollywood were lined with "stars" recognizing celebrities' life-long contributions to the entertainment industry. Receiving a star is still to this day considered a huge honor. Here's where you can find the stars of Quiet Man celebs John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ward Bond, Victor McLaglen and director John Ford:

John Wayne
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

1541 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA

Maureen O'Hara
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

7004 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Ward Bond
Walk of Fame Star

6399 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Victor McLaglen
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

1735 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA

John Ford
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

1640 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA

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The Quiet Man

Michaleen Flynn ( Barry Fitzgerald ):

"Well, it's a nice soft night so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason."

What is the name of the train station by Innisfree?