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High Society Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about High Society? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What is the name of the gossip rag that wants to do a story on Tracy's wedding?

a) Spy Magazine
b) National Enquirer
c) Star Magazine

2) What is the name of the boat Tracy and Dexter spent their honeymoon on?

a) The Voyage
b) The Blue Horizon
c) The True Love

3) What is Dexter's nickname for Tracy?

a) T.S.
b) Sam
c) Red

4) What is Liz Imbrie's profession?

a) Writer
b) Photographer
c) Caterer

5) What does Dexter do for a living in High Society?

a) Classical Pianist
b) Pop Musician
c) High School Music Teacher

6) The Philadelphia Story was based in Philadelphia, where did the High Society take place?

a) Newport, Rhode Island
b) Boston, MA
c) New York, NY

7) What is the first name of Tracy's fiancee?

a) Willie
b) George
c) Seth

8) Why does George want to cancel the wedding?

a) He thinks Tracy has been disinherited
b) He thinks Tracy still loves Dexter
c) He thinks Tracy was unfaithful

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High Society

Mrs. Lord ( Margalo Gillmore ):

"Caroline, don't say stinks. If absolutely necessary, smells, but only if absolutely necessary."