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Behind-the-Scenes with Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola has talked extensively about The Godfather trilogy and his role in the making of the movies. His audio commentaries on the The Godfather Coppola Restoration DVDs are a fascinating look into his directing and writing styles. His interviews are also entertaining and informative, we've complied a few of them here for you. And also don't forget to visit our Tribute to Francis Ford Coppola.

Francis Ford Coppola takes the audience through a review of his Godfather "Notebook", a tool he used to plan for how to best direct the movie. It is a fascinating look at the analysis that goes into the making of classic:

Francis Ford Coppola talks about the making of The Godfather in his appearance on The Actor's Studio:

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The Godfather

Michael Corleone ( Al Pacino ):

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