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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Kevin Costner

The voice told us that if we built it, people would come. No, not a baseball diamond in a field of corn. A Tribute to Hollywood's sport's loving good-guy, Kevin Costner.

A Tribute to E. T. the Extraterrestrial

The ultimate tearjerker by the ultimate modern movie storyteller. We don't have to phone home to celebrate everyone's favorite … E. T. the Extraterrestrial.

A Tribute to Good Will Hunting

Real-life best friends Matt and Ben didn't have anything to do so they wrote themselves a movie to star in. We're glad they'd never heard of a softball league. Enjoy our Tribute to Good Will Hunting.

A Tribute to The Shawshank Redemption

Get busy living or get busy dying. Or … get busy enjoying our Tribute to the uplifting drama The Shawshank Redemption.

A Tribute to It's a Wonderful Life

No man is a failure who has friends. That's the message of this heartwarming 1946 Frank Capra classic that has become nearly required viewing each year at the holidays.

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Field of Dreams

Doc Graham ( Burt Lancaster ):

"Is there enough magic in the moonlight out there to make this dream come true?"

What book is Terrance Mann reading while he watches the baseball game?