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Braveheart Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Braveheart? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What was the name of the policy that Edward Longshanks institutes in Scotland that is the inciting incident for the Scottish rebellion?

a) Prima Facie
b) Prima Noctae
c) Prima Donna

2) What test of manhood do William and Hammish engage in when they meet up again as adults?

a) Rock throwing contest
b) Wrestling match
c) Foot race

3) What does William give Murron as a special gift?

a) Pressed Thistle petals
b) Necklace
c) Ring

4) What was the secret weapon the Scots used in the Battle of Stirling?

a) Spears
b) Arrows
c) Guns

5) What do the nobles do to thank William Wallace for his leadership in the Battle of Stirling?

a) Give him a title
b) Give him land
c) Give him gold

6) How does Robert the Bruce betray William Wallace the first time?

a) Spreads rumors about Wallace
b) Steals money meant for Wallace's troops
c) Fights along side the English

7) How does William Wallace exact his revenge on the Scottish nobles who betrayed the cause by aligning themselves with Longshanks?

a) Kills them one by one
b) Burns down their homes
c) Kidnaps their children

8) What does William Wallace need to do to save his life at the end of the movie?

a) Apologize
b) Beg for mercy
c) Admit that he was wrong

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William Wallace ( Mel Gibson ):

"We've beaten the English but they'll come back because you will not stand together."