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Wayne Manor

In the first five Batman movies Bruce Wayne lives in stately Wayne Manor. After the estate is burned to the ground in Batman Begins, Bruce and Alfred make do living in a penthouse apartment in The Dark Knight while Wayne Manor is being rebuilt. The production designers for the movies all managed to make Bruce Wayne's palatial home come to life. We take a tour of the different buildings used for Wayne Manor is this Batman feature.

In Batman an English mansion called Knebworth House was used for exteriors. Today the 19th generation of the family has opened the house to the public. They've developed a great website where you can learn all about the house and it's history.

Interiors for the Batman and Batman Returns were shot at Hatfield House. This house is also open to the public.

The exteriors for Batman Returns were actually scale models.

When Joel Schumacher took the reins as director for Batman Forever and Batman and Robin he moved Wayne Manor to the United States and filmed at The Webb Institute in New York.

Both interior and exterior scenes in Batman Begins were filmed at Mentmore Towers which was built by the Baron Mayer de Rothschild in Buckinghamshire, England. This house is not currently open to the public but it has been sold to a developer who plans to open it as a hotel.

After Wayne Manor is destroyed, Bruce Wayne takes up residence in this penthouse in Gotham City during The Dark Knight.

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Batman and Robin

Harvey Two-Face ( Tommy Lee Jones ):

"You a gambling man? Let's say we flip for it. One man is born a hero, his brother a coward. Babies starve, politicians grow fat. Holy men are marytyred, anchovies grow legion. Why? Why, why why, why? Luck! Blind stupid simple doo-dah clueless luck!"