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The Music of Batman

Not only do the Batman movies have some terrific musical scores they also features some great musical talents.

Batman had music written, produced and performed by Prince. The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy for Best Album and Best Song "Partyman"

Batman Returns
Danny Elfman composed the music for the film and won the BMI Film Music Award

Batman Forever
Two songs from Batman Forever were nominated for MTV Movie awards in the Best movie song category:

"Kiss From a Rose " by Seal

"Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me" by U2:

Batman and Robin
Keeping in with the themes that Batman and Robin couldn't get anything right this Smashing Pumpkin song from the movie was nominated for a Razzie as Worst original song:

"The End is the Beginning is the End"

Batman Begins
Two great musical composers collaborated on this soundtrack James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer:

The Dark Knight
The same team of composers won the Grammy for The Dark Knight for Best Score Soundtrack. Here is the wonderful theme music.

Batman MP3's

AmazonMP3 has Batman movie songs available to purchase and download. Click the arrow below to start browsing:

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Batman Forever

Alfred Pennyworth ( Michael Caine ):

"Some men just wanna watch the world burn"